Adrian, 30 yo, Portland, OR, United States | Soul profile
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Adam, 22, Adelaide

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Adrian, 30 yo, Portland, OR, US (Soul profile)

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Zodiac sign Scorpio
Religious affiliation Unaffiliated / no religion
Education High school/college graduate
Chronotype evening type (owl)
Political views Avoid Politics
What do you work as? Retail Manager
Are you happy with your job? Yes
Motto What?
Hobbies Movies, Gaming, and Cooking
In my free time i like to Relax
Coming out
My parents know that i am gay/bi No
My coworkers know that I am gay/bi No
My friends know that i am gay/bi Yes

My major character traits Honest and Loyalty
I appreciate in guys Honesty
I hate in guys Lies
Leisure and pleasure
Gay cruising spots No, and i don’t intend to
Gay saunas No, and i don’t intend to
Gay bars, clubs No, but i’d like to
Straight bars, clubs Yes, visit occasionally
Celebrity hangouts and hotspots No, and i don’t intend to
Cinemas No, but i’d like to
Theatres, operas, exhibitions No, but i’d like to
Fitness club, gym No, but i’d like to
Beauty salon No, and i don’t intend to
Outdoor activities No, and i don’t intend to
Tourism No, but i’d like to

Your attitude to friendship I like to be around you
Do you have gay-friends? Yes
Are you ready for friendship with a gay guy without sex? Yes
Have you had experience of living together? Yes, with a man and with a woman
With the guy I love i’d like to Live together
Do you want to have children? I haven’t decided yet
Love is … (in a couple of words) What you have with your best friend
My favorite…
Actor/actress Sean Connery & Ken Watanabe
Book “Project Overlord” novels
Author margaret weis and tracy hickman
Historical character Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus
Music All Sorts
Movie memoirs of a geisha
Cartoon Sealab 2021
TV channel History or Comedy Central
Humorist Bob Saget
Food bread
Soft drink Energy Drinks
Alcoholic drink Whiskey Sour
Brand of cigarettes American Spirits(blue)
Fragrance smells
Restaurant good places
Car yup, I drive one
Season of the year Fall
Part of the day Dusk
Holiday None(Friday 13th)
Sport Don’t pay attention to them
Type of vacation Relaxing
City Wherever I’m at
Anecdote If you give a man fire, he will be warm for the night. If you set a man on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life.

Your attitude to pets Like’em
Your favorite pet is Drako, my cat

Do you donate to charities? Yes
Do you help your parents? Yes
Are you ready to defend the weak? Not sure

What would you do if you won a million dollars? Use it on things.
Are you happy? Yes

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Profile edited – 21 february Online now!

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