The Gay Kama Sutra – A Practical Guide
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The Gay Kama Sutra – A Practical Guide

Gay Kama Sutra

There are four main ways to make love: “standing”, “kneeling”, “sitting” or “lying”. These “ways” are easily variable (especially the plenty of “lying” positions are). According to the Gay Kama Sutra the most comfortable sex position depends mostly on the height and weight of both partners. If one of the lovers is a well-grown man, but the other’s stature is short, then some sex positions may be rather inconvenient or even impossible for them.

Well, what positions do you prefer? It all depends on both your body-build and your personal desire. Maybe you’ll take the advantage of using furniture – armchairs, chairs and other ones to sit, lie or lean on. Be inventive: try all and make your choice!


“Two Columns”

The positions with two standing males are damn sporty, they do look very handsome. Well, stand in front of a mirror to see how sexy you are.

• “Two Columns”. To enjoy this position, the lovers should have their buttocks on roughly the same level. The lovers may be different in height – then the passive partner should raise oneself to “sit down” to the active one; he should interlace his legs with the other’s and stand on his own feet to make the pair be more steady. The only pity is that it’s rather complicated to kiss each other in such position…

“A Column and Ivy”

Well, now the active partner is also standing. But the recieving one should bend down, leaning on a bed or a chair. After the dick is inserted, the bottom partner should lean back and snuggle up to his lover to let him kiss his neck and slightly bite his earlobe.

• “A Column and Ivy”. This position means that the lovers stand face-to-face; the passive partner should lift his legs and wrap them around the other’s hips. It’s better if the bottom partner is much smaller and lighter than the top one. The top partner can clasp the other to his breast or move him back, and to kiss his beloved one with no limits.


“A Butterfly”

The top partner kneels and clasps the other to himself; the bottom one should embrace him like a butterfly embraces a flower. The “butterfly” partner has to lean on his own legs and hold on with his hands. Well, the “butterfly” receiving partner is now the leading one, he can control the frictions pace, while the knelt penetrating partner has to lean back on his arms. This position is rather convenient for caress, if the “butterfly” partner shifts his weight on his legs and puts his arms round the beloved person, kissing him.

• In this case the kneeling penetrating partner becomes the leading one. He embraces the other lover with his hips and buttocks to move up and down. The penetrating partner is also to be holding the other one over his knees.


• “Doggy-style”. The receiving partner crouches on his elbows and knees, the penetrating one kneels behind him – well, this position is well-known and popular, isn’t it? The active partner can move vigorously in this position, it’s the right way to raise his sexual arousal. The only pity is that it’s very inconvenient to kiss each other in this position.


• The penetrating partner is sitting on a chair. His lover rides his dick, resting his own feet on the floor. The position may be more steady, if the chair back is leant against the wall.

• Well, the penetrating partner may lie on a stool with his head and shoulders touching the floor on one side of the stool and his feet touching the floor on the other side. In such case his dick should seem very thick and sturdy. Then the other lover may ride the dick and move how he wants. Take the advantage of this position – control your frictions fully. Grip the edge of the stool if you are afraid to fall.


Some guys prefer to make love not in a bed or on a sofa, but on firm floor or ground. The Gay Kama Sutra teaches that the sex on coarse sand beach may become the seventh heaven for you.

“The Small Lock”

•“The Small Lock”. The receiving partner is lying on his stomach. His buttocks are raised a little with a pillow. The top lover is lying on the receiving one. This position has 2 main disadvantages. Firstly, it’s inconvenient to kiss each other in such position. Secondly, the receiving partner’s dick is “hidden” in the pillow or the furnishing. It means that no one of the lovers can massage it to stimulate the bottom partner’s orgasm. Then, if the dick is already entered and you have penetrated successfully, it’s reasonable to change the position. Maybe it’s enough to roll to one side.

But some pairs prefer just to change places after the upper top partner has his orgasm. In this case the receiving lover becomes the penetrating one, but the position itself is the same. The initially bottom lover may easily do without his dick stimulation until he becomes the active one. It’s a kind of agreement, and it is fruitful: both lovers are stimulated vigorously and an unconsciously begin to make love again!

• “Lie down on your side”. In this position after the dick is inserted, the penetrating partner may stimulate the other’s dick to ensure the simultaneous orgasm for both lovers. If both men have interlaced their legs, the position should be referred to as “the clenched” one.

• “Somebody on Top”. Well, it’s the best position to kiss each other! The inserting partner is lying under the receiving lover who should bend his legs at the knees and place himself across his lover. Both lovers may also lie in something like the 69th position, holding each other’s leg calves for the necessary rest.

• “A Crab”. This position resembles the third one, but it’s a little more complicated. The active lover is lying on the floor on his back. The passive lover is lying on the active one on his back. The active partner inserts his dick into the passive’s anus. After this they should simultaneously raise themselves, resting on their arms and legs. This position is the best one to stimulate the receiving lover’s prostate . But it may be rather difficult to perform frictions, because the upper partner is to be virtually overhanging the other.

“Face to Face”

• “Face to Face”. It’s an “open” position. The bottom partner is lying on his back, with his hips spread and knees bent; his lower back is raised with a pillow, his dick is looking onto the other lover. This position is the best for both kissing and other more intimate caresses.

• “The Rise”. This position resembles the 5th one, but now the receiving partner should rise his legs a little higher and throws them over the penetrating lover’s shoulders.

“The Half-Rise”

• “The Half-Rise”. The beginning is as in the 6th position, but the receiving partner should rise only one of his legs over the other’s shoulders; the other leg is to embrace his hips.

• “The Folded Position”. In the “face to face” position the bottom lover should knee his legs until his knees touch his chin.

• “The Half-Folded Position”. Knee only one leg and outstretch the other leg aside.

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