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The second safe and clean (after masturbation) is oral sex or fellatio in academic language. Moreover, oral sex is possible almost anywhere. This is why it’s widely used by gay males…

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Male Masturbation Techniques

Male Masturbation Techniques The ways of masturbation are significantly different in the masturbation motions themselves, the act duration and in the feelings gained.


It’s the most popular way. Close your fingers upon the dick and move the hand up and down. The contact between the dick and the hand is maximal now. Well, the closer is the contact – the more pleasure you get.

Palm with 5 fingers

Now there is an angle between the hand and the dick. 4 fingers are above the shaft, the thumb is under it. This way lets control te contact between the hand and the dick more easily. In addition, you can move the hand along the whole shaft, even if your dick is not very long.

Three fingers

This way is more convenient for teenagers or other people having small dicks. Just take your dick as if it were a pen or a pencil. Such hold will let you maximize your control over the hand motion and gain the maximum sliding length (from the dick root to the glans). But the contact itself between the hand and the dick is relatively bad here.


This method is a topsy-turvy version of the ‘fist’ way. It’s slightly unusual, but it can also give you with your pleasure. In this time clasp your dick from the left, not from the right (if you are a right-handed person). Turn the wrist to have your thumb pointing down and tilt the dick slightly to the right. It will be a bit inconvenient for the first time. But this method is rather good if you want to try something unusual in this field.


Lie on your side. Then squeeze your dick with your hand. Turn face down, rest the hand against the bed, push the dick in your hand with force, then move upward. Continue moving up and down, keep the rhythm. It will be the ideal imitation of anal sex. And pay the attention to the following fact: if you are moving your hips, not your hand, the feeling is quite different, isn’t it? You may also stimulate your balls with the other hand in the same rhythm.

Extremely deep anus

Make a fist of your right hand. But don’t squeeze your dick. Place the fist in front of the penis head. Push the dick through the fist. When the head peeps out from the fist, extend the ‘tunnel’ with the fist of your left hand. Well, it means you’ll be constantly inserting into an “anus”.

Shallow anus

Grasp the glans with your palm, your fingers should be along the shaft (your thumb should be located over the shaft, the long finger and the ring one are on the glans’ corona, the forefinger and the little one are on the dick’s sides). Such hold makes the glans strike against the palm every time when you insert the “anus”. Use the other hand to prolong the “anus” or to stimulate your balls.

Milk your dick

Lubricate well you’re your right hand’s thumb and forefinger. Make a ring of them near the dick’s root and move this ring upward along the shaft. Having reached the penis head, do the same with your left hand. Then repeat it with the right hand et cetera. The idea is to move always upward; never move downward. You may use your thumb and forefinger only or involve other fingers when the hand is moving from the dick’s root.

Milk your dick (reverse version)

This time change the direction: move from the glans to the dick’s root. Lubricate well both your dick and your hands. Form a ‘C’ letter of the fingers of each your hand and move this construction downward along the dick. Place the lower palm on the glans and move it downward, until the hand edge is hampered by the groin. Do the same with the other hand and then with the first one etc. Accelerate your moves and move downward only.

Around the glans

Squeeze your dick with your right hand and move up and down; use your left hand forefinger to stimulate the glans – move the finger around it.

Tender palm

Lubricate the penis head and rub the meatus against the palm. You’ll get a huge orgasm.

Glans against abdomen

Lubricate well both your dick and your lower abdomen, from the inguinal hair up to the navel and above it. Use your thumb to press the prepuce frenulum, clasp the dick to the abdomen. Well, move the dick left-right. The friction between the glans and the abdomen is very pleasant.

Move the foreskin

If your foreskin has not been removed with circumcision, move your forefinger round the edge of your flaccid dick’s foreskin. With this method you can both stretch out the pleasure and get a bit more semen.

Five fingers

Take a bit of a lubricant, not more than a pea. Lubricate your palm with it. Spread all your fingers, rub the glans with the palm as quickly as possible. Hold your dick with the other hand.

Reverse hold

You’ll like this method if you do like masturbate with one hand and stimulate your balls with the other. If you are a right-handed person – don’t hold your balls with your left hand, but cross your arms to have your left wrist over the right one and hold your scrotum from the right but with the left hand. You may lean slightly to the right to feel more comfortable. As a result you’ll feel as if somebody else holds your balls. Well, there is a piece of advice: continue holding your balls, but move your fingertips between the scrotum and inner thighs, massage these areas with slowly and rhythmically.

V sign

Lubricate the glans and your hand between the forefinger and the long one. Don’t save on lubricant! Spread the fingers to form a V sign, squeeze your dick between them and move the hand slowly up and down. Stimulate simultaneously your balls and scrotum. Change continuously both the rhythm and pressure to have your unspeakable pleasure.

“A Butterfly”

Lie on your back. bend your knees, spread them apart, but your feet should touch each other. Begin close and spread your knees rhythmically just before your orgasm. Continue doing it during the orgasm itself too.

The Little Mermaid

It’s something Scandinavian, isn’t it?.. Sit on your legs to make your feet be stuck to the right, like it’s depicted in the famous The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. Lean to the front to place your erect dick between your left hip and the left calf. Clasp your dick with your right hip. Don’t save on lubricant! Well, now you may continue in several ways. you are drawing yourself up, the dick is moving forward and down. Isn’t it very pleasant? When you are leaning, your dick is sliding backwards. You may try to rub it with your right hip. It will be pleasant, especially if your legs are hairy. Clasp and relax your left leg to stimulate your balls. Well, you may even try to sit or to stand on tiptoe, but don’t draw your dick from its ‘burrow’. The main advantage is that your hands are free to massage your chest, for example. An the orgasm will be stronger and more pleasant than if it were the manual stimulation.

A Drummer-Boy

Pull on tight-fitting swimming trunks. Make your dick erect and begin tap on it slightly with your fingers or something. Be patient, but it worth it, because the orgasm will be huge.

Hold it with one hand, rub it with the other one

Use one hand to pull the foreskin down, to the balls, from the middle of the shaft. Lubricate the other hand and stroke the shaft with it up and down. Move the hand to the glans and back, until your orgasm is reached.

Thumb and forefinger

Clasp the back edge of the glans with your forefinger, as if it were a hook. Massage the edge and stroke the glans itself with your thumb simultaneously. The orgasm will be medium but fast.

The Body Heat

Clasp the erect dick to the abdomen. Do it with your open palm. Then move the palm up and down. The body heat will be pleasant, you’ll see.

With Just One Finger

Use you forefinger to rub your shaft slowly on the frenulum side but 2 or 3 centimeters lower than the glans is located. It will be a slow but huge orgasm.

Riding a Bath

Well, while the water runs into your bath – undress, lubricate your dick and sit down on the bath edge. One of your legs should be inside the bath, and the other one is to be out. You may wet the bath edge with soapy water. Make your dick erect, lean forward, move your legs backward – do it to transfer the body weight on both your dick and balls. Move forward and backward to feel your strong pleasure. You can change the pressure. If you want to see your semen being shot, then hold the bath edge with both of your hands in front of yourself. The bath will be full when you get your orgasm: now you may relax in warm water…


Make your dick erect. Lubricate it, the lower bottom up to the navel. Lubricate the inside of your forearm too. Clasp the dick to the abdomen with the forearm. Use your hips to perform frictions.

Let’s Applaud

One palm is across the dick on one its side, the other palm is on the other side, it’s placed along the shaft. Then bend the fingers of the former hand (it’s across the shaft). Your dick is now between 2 hands and they seem to be ready to applaud. You may move your hips or your hands – it doesn’t matter. And don’t forget to lubricate your dick before the masturbation!

Two-tier Masturbation

Place both your palms on the shaft, one over the other (one palm should be near the dick’s root, the other is located near the glans). Move both palms simultaneously up and down. You may change the direction the hands move in: one hand may move upward, the other one may be sliding downward at the same moment.

Suntan Lotion

Lie on your back. Lubricate your dick an clasp it between your hand and your abdomen. Stroke your dick with your open palm, as if you were rubbing some suntan lotion into both dick and abdomen. The pleasure will be doubled: one side of the dick is rubbing against your abdomen, and the other side is stimulated with the hand. You may stroke your dick with your palm or with the fingers.

A Numb Hand

Stand on all fours and prop up your head with your right hand. Use your left hand to make your dick erect. If you have done everything properly, your right hand should have become numb when the dick is erect. Now masturbate with your numb right hand and imagine that your beloved guy is performing hand-job for you.

With Your Head Down

Lift your legs over your head and shoulders (i.e. both the head and shoulders are lying on the floor but your feet, legs and pelvis are over them in the air). You may rest against a wall if necessary. Then masturbate. Get your strong pleasure! But try not to get facial by yourself!

Four Fingers

Just stroke your dick with the thumbs and the forefingers of both hands, slide up and down. The pleasure is much stronger because you touch the dick with fingertips only. The main thing here is not the pressure, but the sliding motion.


Draw off the foreskin as it is possible. Use the fingertips of the other hand to stroke the area between the glans and the shaft. Don’t forget to lubricate it well before the procedure. Move the fingers left-right or up and down, or use both ways. Change the pressure.


Hold the glans with one hand and the dick’s root with the other one. Move the upper hand downward; the lower hand should move upward respectively. The upward-moving hand should collide a bit with the other one. Multiply this motion. You’ll need some training to master this method.

A Prayer

Clasp your palms as if you were at prayer. Squeeze your dick between them. Move the palms up and down. The feeling is unusual because you are stroking your dick’s sides only.

Warm It Up

This method is similar to the previous one, but the hands are moving in opposite directions, as if you are rubbing your hands to warm them. Important: your palms should be parallel to the dick.

A Bend

Take some very thick lubricant. Baby oil is suitable. Lubricate the area between the glans and the shaft. Then spread your thumb and the forefinger to stretch the skin between them; rub the lubricated area SLOWLY with this skin. Slide up and down on the glans’ “ledge”. Use this skin only, don’t touch the glans with other fingers. Otherwise the effect will be quite different. The slower is the sliding the stronger is the pleasure.

Leg to Leg

Lubricate your dick well. Lubricate also the inner feet just below the ankles. Sit down on any flat surface, push your feet together and pull them up to yourself. Take your balls away and place your dick between your ankles and heels. Rest your hands on the bed or on the floor in front of you; move up and down to masturbate. If you spread your feet for a bit or change the pressure on your dick, your sexual feelings will be also changed. Spread and close your knees for some additional effect.

Some Saliva on Your Wrist

Spit upon your wrist and rub your glans with the wrist; use the other hand to stroke the shaft simultaneously.

Press Your Navel

Being masturbating with one hand, use the other one to press your abdomen just below your navel (but it should cause no unpleasant feelings). Keep the pressure and move your hand to the dick’s root. Multiply this, repeat it again and again even during your orgasm. Don’t stop even when you are ready to ejaculate. You’ll get an unspeakable orgasm.

Dick Within Wheels

Hold the dick near its root with one hand. Spread the fingers of the other hand and move the fingers over the glans. The head of your penis is beaten with the fingers as if it were a stick between wheel spokes. No lubricant is needed!

Spring Cleaning

Use one hand to draw off the foreskin as it is possible; the foreskin shouldn’t move. Lubricate the other hand well and “turn off” the glans, as if you are trying to open a bottle.

Just From One Side

Try to stimulate your dick from the frenulum side only. You’ll constantly want to stroke the other side of your dick too. Clench your fist just before the ejaculation. Your unspeakable pleasure may cause the orgasm instantly.


Squeeze your dick between your open palms and rotate it quickly as if you were washing your hands. No lubricant is needed!

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