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I Seek a Guy for a Gay Date

I Seek a Guy for a Gay Date

Polls show that today gay males do mostly seek and find their partners, friends and lovers via internet.

Internet is now the most popular means of communication and dating among the gay males.

The advantages of the Internet are evident – it’s a universal and quick communication means; one can use it anonymously and there are no borders there.

Well, I’m online. And what should I do?

Seek your guy at gay websites only. There you’ll find the “dating places” of several types. Let’s enumerate them in the descending order of their effectiveness (“5” means the most effective place, “1” is the most ineffective one):

– online dating services (5)
– social networks (4)
– electronic bulletin boards, e.g. BBS (3)
– regional websites (3)
– online chats, ICQ (2)
– Internet forums (1)

Let me advice you to prefer the websites leading in the field of online gay dating. The site chosen should also have a solid reputation. There are many reasons to ground this piece of advice: such websites offer professional and steady services quickly; they do protect your confidentiality well; and the main reason is that such websites have large databases of personal profiles.

Well, I have chosen an online gay dating service. What should I do now?

Oh, you should do just two things! You need to, first, ATTRACT your future boy-friend and, second, KEEP him with your profile.

1. What should you do to ATTRACT your future boy-friend with your profile?

Well, how to make the maximum number of your prospective beloved ones pay their attention to your profile? You should do just 4 simple things:

– add your photo
– Why? A proverb says: “Seeing is believing”…

– add your photo
– Why? A proverb says: “Man’s love isn’t blind”

– add your photo
– Why? If you don’t trust proverbs – let’s examine the facts. Statistic data show that the profiles “with photos” are 5-10 times more popular than the ones without any photo.

– visit the websites where your profile is posted by you.
– Why? If your last visit is, for example, “three months ago”, your profile becomes very unpopular. The most of the website users do reasonably suppose that you have already found your love. In this case your profile will always be in the end of the search results list. One should be a saintly patient person to find you there. And if you do not visit your profile – then you miss all the messages sent to you via the website, if any.

2. How to KEEP your future love’s attention on your profile?

To keep his attention on your profile, i.e. to make him interested in you, do the following:

– detail your profile to make it interesting
– Why? Minimal information gets minimal attention, it’s a general rule. It’s evident: the longer a web-site user reads and examines your profile, the more interested he is in you and the more chances to communicate with him you do have.

– don’t raise your requirements too high
– Why? Too many people wait for a very fat chicken that “falls from the perch” by himself… Remember, your too strict requirements may both frighten a worthy guy off and maybe insult somebody.

– be honest
– Why? The truth demands to be declared even if you are not a Calvin Klein’s model or Rockefeller’s grandson – sooner or later your boy-friend will discover this. And maybe he seeks just a person like you, not like them.

Good luck!

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