How to Improve Your Erection and Get Your Orgasm Stronger?
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How to Improve Your Erection and Get Your Orgasm Stronger?

Improve Erection

How to improve your erection?

Sit down on the edge of a chair. Move your knees apart . Focus on your erect penis, single out the muscles that strain it, move it up and down, side to side, forward and backward.

Move your penis in all directions. Do the same exercise with your knees together. Do the same sitting on your haunches. And finally, do it in a bed, lying on your back.

Try to strain all your so-called ‘sexual muscles’, strain them one after another. These muscles take their part in the dick motion. They include: your abdominal muscles, the gluteal ones and the muscles of your thighs. Pay your attention to the effect of straining individual muscles and to your sensations.

You can improve the stability of your erection. Hang a towel on your erect penis and lift it with your dick. You may begin with a lightweight face towel, then train with a bath towel, it’s heavier. This exercise can not only strengthen your muscles, but it improves the blood supply for your genitalia.

How to duplicate your orgasm?

Masturbate for a half an hour with no ejaculation. Then get your orgasm and begin stimulating your dick again as soon as possible. You’ll be surprised to find your dick not flaccid, but relatively erect. You’ll ejaculate again in about ten minutes, but much less volume of your semen will be shot. Each time , just before your orgasm, do be distracted on nothing except the sensations in your genitalia.

How to get a stronger orgasm?

This exercise is a variant of the previous one. Masturbate for a half an hour with no ejaculation. Then begin to stimulate your dick more intensively. When the ejaculation begins, hold your breath and tighten hard your sexual muscles. Your aim is to stop the ejaculation completely .

If your sexual muscles are in good tonus, then the most of your semen will remain with you. Moreover, it will not stop your orgasm, the sensations will be even stronger. After the orgasmic contractions have been completed, continue the stimulation. You are likely to get both your erection and your high sexual arousal again. The most of your semen remained with you – it means that the second orgasm will be soon . It’s as likely as 9 to 1 – you’ll be able to ejaculate for the second time in just a pair of moments. But try tighten your sexual muscles again. Your second orgasm will be stronger than the first was!

If you are persistent enough to continue the training, then sooner or later you’ll be able to get up ten or even more orgasms in a set. Ten ones, by the way, isn’t the norm or limit. Just stop suppress you ejaculation when you do understand that it’s time to get the final great orgasm.

How to make your orgasm longer?

If your sexual muscles have been being trained for three or four weeks already, then you may train to make your orgasm longer.

Try to count how many orgasmic contractions do you feel when ejaculating. Their number is usually between three and eight. But this number may be increased two times at least , and the intensity of muscle contractions may be increased up to ten times.

Begin with usual masturbation for a half an hour. Just before the ejaculation you should tighten your sexual muscles as if you were trying to suppress your ejaculation. But simultaneously continue the stimulation of your dick. Both stimulate and suppress your ejaculation as long as possible, then ejaculate.

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