Gay Oral Sex: A Deep Throat
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Gay Oral Sex: A Deep Throat

Gay Oral Sex: A Deep Throat

This method is for the guys who have already some experience in the field of gay oral sex. It may help them to improve their skills. If you are just a beginner in this field – then we advise you to read this article: “Give Him a Blowjob”.

“Deep-throating” (swallowing)
– is a form of oral sex in which an erect dick is inserted deep into the mouth and throat of the receiving partner, with no vomiting.

First of all we should warn you: be careful. One may have some suffocation problems when performing deep-throating! And don’t choke with the semen!

Can one control his vomiting reflex?
Yes, he can. You can train to insert contact lenses into your eyes without blinking, can’t you? To train not to vomit having a dick n your throat is almost the same, it’s possible too.

Is it possible to train to swallow?
Let’s repeat: yes, it’s possible. However, there are some limitations. For example, don’t try to swallow a big dick if the mouth of yours is small. But, usually, it’s easy to swallow a medium-sized dick. In any case, too big dicks are very rare things.

Is it worth the effort to control my vomiting reflex?
Let’s repeat again: YES, IT WORTH! Just see your man moaning with pleasure when you are treating his dick in such way! He’ll be on the seventh heaven, it will be beyond his wildest dreams! It will be especially exciting if it’s a kind of surprise for him. When you swallow his dick fully for the first time, you’ll knock his socks off, believe me!

What does feel the inserting lover?
Most men say that the dick swallowed is clasped just under its glans; this feeling is extremely pleasant and it’s concentrated (remember that the most sensitive area of any dick is just under the glans). If you do everything right, your lover will get an extremely strong orgasm having this area sucked and licked.

Well, does swallowing have any advantages against usual gay oral sex?
Yes, it has. When swallowing, you have the glans much deeper than your taste buds are located. It’s rather useful if you don’t like the taste of semen, but your lover wants to ejaculate into your mouth. Swallowing weakens the taste of semen substantially, although such measure can’t annihilate it. Well, sometimes his ejaculation into your mouth may turn your stomach. Train to control your vomiting reflex. Begin with small quantities of the semen in your mouth, try to get accustomed to its taste and texture.

What is more pleasant for a man – to ejaculate into a mouth or into a throat?
Tastes differ. When he’s ejaculating into your mouth, you may give him even more pleasure – just turn your tongue round his glans. But when he’s ejaculating into your throat, you may lick his scrotum. It’s pleasant too, although the feeling’s quite different.

Well, are there any additional advanced methods?
Yes, there are such methods. You may perform swallowing movements when the whole dick is in your mouth and throat. This is a really advanced method; don’t use it before you master in the scrotum licking with the whole dick in your mouth.

I would like to know more about the swallowing movements.
Using your swallowing muscles, you give him with the unique feeling, it differs totally from the feeling caused by swallowing itself. Well, you can use the muscles of your throat to massage the whole dick. Having mastered in this method, you can give him with a quick orgasm. Well, let us begin.

What To Start With?

– For the beginning you should relax as possible. A hot bath for a long time would be suitable. A glass of wine is suitable too. Quiet music is useful too. Or ask your lover to massage your body with oil. You should relax perfectly , your comfort is the main thing now. Your lover’s arousal will be extremely high, tell him not to twitch. Then begin.

It’s likely that you’ll not be able to take the dick deeply in your throat for the first time. Actually, you should have been training for a pair of weeks to swallow his dick fully with no sickness. Train your throat slowly, step by step, it’s the only way. It’s similar to training not to wink when inserting contact lenses.

– The right position is the key to safe swallowing. It’s better to begin with “the receiving lover is above” position. This pose will let you control the penetration deepness. (Later you may try to swallow with him above you. It means that you are lying on your back across the bed, with your head hung down from the edge. This pose let your lover insert his dick as deeply as he wants. This method is also advanced, don’t try to practice in it before having mastered in usual swallowing).

– Both your mouth and throat should be on the same line. First, moisten the dick entirely. Moistening is very important. Being moist, the dick slides easier along your tongue.

– When the dick is moist enough, turn your head to make the direct way of both your mouth and throat. Stick your tongue out of your lower lip, then make the tongue-tip flat (as if you were visiting an “ear-nose-throat” doctor). Then open your throat wider, as if you were yawning. This is a means to get rid of your vomiting reflex.

– Insert his dick along your tongue as deeply as it is possible without sickness; keep the dick in your throat for about 10 seconds, then take it out. Repeat this process until it becomes comfortable for you. I would advise you to repeat it for not less than 10 times initially.

– Rest for a pair of minutes, then repeat. Do it for not more than 10 minutes running for the first time (don’t forget to tell your lover not to twitch). It’s up to you to decide when it’s enough.

– If you have already mastered in the 1st step, insert his dick deeper; let it be placed in the area where you almost feel the urge to be sick . Let the dick be there for 10 seconds. If you do feel the urge to be sick, then open your throat wider, as if you were yawning. After a while the muscles of your throat will widen easily. Train to be able to insert his dick deeper and deeper. Do it slowly, step by step; you should feel comfortable, that’s the main thing.

Train several times a week. Increase the training duration slowly, from 10 minutes to a half an hour. It may take a week or about ten days or even more. Just remember that you should feel comfortable and be able to increase both the duration and the deepness each time. Your pace should depend on it. In the end you’ll be surprised to find out that you have already swallowed the whole your lover’s dick! Let me tell you that the first time when you are able to shove the entire dick and to keep it as you want (do not forget to break in order to breathe), will be an unforgettable moment for you! Only when you can keep his dick in your mouth as long as necessary (taking it out for breathing), you may continue to the advanced methods of gay oral sex. Don’t forget: train slowly and step by step only, this is the only way to master in anything, and to master in the advanced deep-throating methods too.

The final remark: some people think that swallowing means your tongue risen up to your palate and his dick should fall into your throat. This is a mistake! If you do everything right, your tongue should be flat enough to let his dick slide freely forward and backward in your throat; his dick should be fully moist too . In any other case the swallowing is not a correct one.

Good luck!

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