Mingchang Tsai, 22 yo, Aberdeen, United Kingdom | Personal profile and photos
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Mingchang Tsai, 22 yo, Aberdeen, UK (Personal profile and photos)

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Name Mingchang Tsai
My motto viva la vida Live the life
Date of birth 1989-11-01
Zodiac sign Scorpio
City/country Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Additional city Taichung, Taiwan
Personal information
My height 5′ 6″ (168cm)
My weight 170lbs (77kg)
Hair color Black
Sexual orientation Gay
Role in sex Not sure
Living Rent or own apartment/house
Smoking Do not smoke
Alcohol Do not use
Education High school/college graduate
Occupation student
My hobbies listen to music or watch movies
I’m interested in meeting
I am looking for love, friendship, starting a gay family, conversation, chat
Your role in sex Not sure
Your age 23 – 35
Your height 5′ 7″ (170cm) – 5′ 11″ (180cm)
Your weight 132lbs (60kg) – 176lbs (80kg)
Hi My name is mingchang and from Taiwan. I am here to find someone to love and chat. I am easy going. feel free to contact me. 😀 bty, I am living in Taiwan near china not AU.

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Registration date – 11 may Last visit – 20 may at 20:38

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