Carlo C. Atom, 20 yo, Rotorua, New Zealand | Personal profile and photos
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Carlo C. Atom, 20 yo, Rotorua, NZ (Personal profile and photos)

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Name Carlo C. Atom
My motto Keep Moving Forward
Date of birth 1992-08-05
Zodiac sign Leo
City/country Rotorua, New Zealand
Additional city Philippines (General Santos City)
Personal information
My height 5′ 7″ (170cm)
My weight 162lbs (73.5kg)
Hair color Black
Sexual orientation Bisexual
Role in sex Versatile
Living Rent or own apartment/house
Smoking Do not smoke
Alcohol Do not use
Education High school/college graduate
Occupation Call center Agent
My hobbies Dancing, Talking, Surfing to the internet
I’m interested in meeting
I am looking for love, friendship, living together, travel companion, regular sex, conversation, chat
Escort-services, sponsorship Seek permanent sponsor
Your role in sex Versatile
Your age 18 – 90
Your height 8′ (>244cm)
Your weight 292lbs (>132kg)
I am a person who willing to sacrifice for the one i love,, a person who will understand everything for his own love, a person will do anything ton make his special someone to be happy, a person who is always have a positive mind,, most of all i am a person who have a peace mind, soul and a good heart,, i am looking for a simple man who will love me in my bad side,, but actually my bad side is not always working my daily life so hehe i dont know what is my bad side is hehe,, a man who will also understand me, a man who will love me purely,, thats,, no age required as long as you have a good intention with me,, as long as you are willing to love me, care me, and understand me,, that’s all that i am looking for,,, i hope you are that one,

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Registration date – 11 january Last visit – 3 march at 10:47

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