Unconfigured, 21 yo, Rotorua, New Zealand | Personal profile and photos
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Unconfigured, 21 yo, Rotorua, NZ (Personal profile and photos)

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Personal profile
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Name Unconfigured
Date of birth 1991-04-03
Zodiac sign Aries
City/country Rotorua, New Zealand
Personal information
My height 5′ 5″ (165cm)
My weight 108lbs (49kg)
Hair color Black
Sexual orientation Gay
Role in sex Versatile
Living Rather not say
Smoking Do not smoke
Alcohol Do not use
Education High school/college
I’m interested in meeting
I am looking for love, friendship, regular sex, conversation, chat
Your role in sex Versatile
Your age 18 – 30
Your height 5′ 6″ (168cm) – >8′ (>244cm)
Your weight 118lbs (53.5kg) – >292lbs (>132kg)
Would listen to everything you will say and help in your problems

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Registration date – 12 september Last visit – 13 october at 12:04

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