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Richard Wil, 29, Chicago

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How to Measure Your Dick (illustrated)
It’s known that the average length of an erect human penis is about 5-8 inches (14-19 centimeters). But many gay men do not know their penis’ dimensions…

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General questions & answers

1. I can’t log in to the Very Gay Dating. What to do?
2. I’m constantly being logged out and the site asks me to log in again and again. What to do?
3. My city (country) is not in the list. What to do?
4. Sexual & Soul profiles – % of filling.
5. I want to assign a unique address for my profile. How do i do it?
6. Why “Views per day” of my profile varies from one hour to another?
7. What can I do to get my profile viewed more?
8. How do I change the email address and/or password in my profile?
9. How do I delete my profile?
10. Is it possible to recover my deleted profile?

Contacts & messages: questions & answers

1. Message window would not open. What to do?
2. The “Send” button is missing. What to do?
3. How can i disable notifications about new messages / admirers?
4. Is there any restrictions with the number of contacts and messages?
5. “Favorites” folder. How does it work and why do i need it for?
6. “Regular” contacts folder. How does it work and why do i need this folder for?
7. “Deleted” contacts folder. How does it work?
8. “Me in Favorites” or “Mirror”. What is it?
9. What does the small hearts beside the name mean?

Photos: questions & answers

1. Larger photos would not open. What to do?
2. I can’t upload my photo. What to do?
3. I need to resize and/or edit my photo. How and where can i do it?
4. I have found out that another person is using my photo. What to do?
5. Who gets to the page “New gay profiles with photos”?

Ratings & Member’s vote: questions & answers

1. Which profiles participate in the ratings?
2. Which photos can’t participate in the ratings?
3. In which rating will my profile participate – Top 100, Top 100 Erotica etc.?
4. My photo has been rejected from participating in the ratings. What can i do?
5. Where can i see My rating?
6. How are the ratings being calculated?
7. How often are the ratings updated?
8. Does my rating nullify when i change my main photo?
9. I live in the small city – majority of those who view my profile are from my own city, and there is few of them. Will my rating be less than of those who live in a big cities?
10. How to enable Member’s vote?
11. For how long the results of the “Member’s vote” are kept?
12. Does “Member’s vote” affect the rating results?
13. Where can i cancel my participation in the ratings and disable “Member’s vote”?
14. Can i disable “Member’s vote” and my participation in the ratings separately?
15. I have canceled my participation in the ratings, but then i have changed my mind. How to enable it again?
16. How to raise my rating?

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